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About Us

Our mission at Livin Da Life Apparel is to empower individuals from all walks of life. Those who are constantly striving to achieve their dreams and live the purpose god intended them to live. Our brand is for the believer and non-believer. 

I created Livin Da Life Apparel when I came to a place in my life that God helped me realize. Even though I haven’t reached my purpose in life that God intended for me. I’m on my way there; “I’m Livin Da Life”. So with God’s help, I started Livin Da Life Apparel to help those believers and non-believer’s that we’re all on a journey of fulfilling god’s purpose in life. 

In May of 2018, I was waiting for my flight at LAX, I was alone reflecting on my life. And I noticed the cover of “Success Magazine” and Jeff Bezos was staring at me. That moment I realized I have been “Livin Da Life” that god put me on this earth to do. 

This brand was created to spark a whole new light on “Livin Da Life”. So if you’re not a believer I invite you to see what God has to offer you. And we’ll even if you’re not into this “God” stuff. You can rock this brand with pride because you’re telling the world. “Hey, I’m on the journey to achieve my dreams” So I’m “Livin Da Life” that I’ve dreamed.

Our Vision

Another important part of our mission is giving back! Not only do we want to empower individuals from all walks of life, but we also want to help the masses from all walks of life. So we wanted to be as helpful as possible so we started to research and figure out. How can we help as many people as we can, as God intended us to do so?

We’ll God answered, our prayers! We decided to create the “Buy 1, Gift 10%” Action plan. Here’s how it works. Every month we’ll be releasing a unique collection of apparel and accessories. And well every month we will help a new charity we found that needs our help. We’ll donate 10% of all profits for that month to the charity. So you can confidently know that when you buy from us you’re helping change the world and build god’s kingdom, one buy at a time.

Isaac Medina

Livin Da Life Apparel

Livin Da Life Apparel exists to inspire dream chasers. To motivate and remind dreamers that all things are possible through hard work and dedication.


Orange County, CA
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