Interview with “Reyes The Entrepreneur” Youtuber

Starting a business is pretty hard especially when you’re homeless! Reyes The Entrepreneur was once homeless and managed to continue his youtube journey to grow a pretty popular youtube channel among entrepreneurs striving to reach their goals of starting their own business. I was able to sit down with Reyes and talk about his journey from being homeless to growing his youtube channel to 10,000 subscribers.

So check out this interview because if you’re serious about living your dream then you should follow Reyes and get his “Free 99 Knowledge”!

How did you get started?
I got started in high school my junior year. I was bored one summer and a video on how to make my own shirts popped up. I used to use fabric paint and make my own stencils. – Reyes
How many businesses have you started?
Most of my businesses were hobbies but a good amount. I made fruit cups, I collected cans, I sold chocolate bars, I sold drinks and a few more but my most successful was custom shirts and now i’m trying to make youtube my biggest and most successful business. – Reyes
How did you get the name “Reyes the Entrepreneur”
My old name was Cen Cal Royalty because that was what my clothing brand was called. then I started losing interest in making the clothing brand and just foucused on youtube videos and I started to see so many people had a hard time spelling my channel name that I changed it. It was originally going to be called Entrepreneur Reyes but my girl mentioned Reyes The Entrepreneur and I loved it. – Reyes
How are the successful entrepreneurs/ professionals you look up too?
I look up to a lot of entrepreneurs but the main ones are the ones on tv. I see shows called the profit, shark tank, bar rescue, kitchen nightmares. Those type of shows motivate me. – Reyes
What’s your favorite quote?
My favorite quote is “Just a matter of time.” because if you stay consistent with something, It’s just a matter of time before it grows. – Reyes
What motivates you?
My motivation are bills but also the desire to not let my mother down since she sacrafised to much for us to be here.
Growing up what did you want to be?
I wanted to be a math teacher growing up because I saw i was really talented in teaching and I enjoyed helping people. – Reyes
How many businesses did you start before landing on the one that you said, ok I’m sticking to this one?
Too many to count. – Reyes
Do you have a mentor that you can go too and get advice?
I reached out to a few people to become my mentors but no luck so I turned to books and every time I feel lost, I read some of my notes. – Reyes
Are you part of a mastermind group?
I’m not currently a part of a mastermind group but would love to be. – Reyes
Did you have an Entrepreneur upbringing? Was their someone growing up that you looked up too?
Yea, my mother actually had a few hustles growing up. She sold perfume, she would go to LA and get covers to resell. Stuff like that. – Reyes
Where are you from?
I’m originally from mexicali baja california but moved to my town of coalinga in 1999. – Reyes
Business-wise whats working for you currently? example: Facebook ads or networking?
To be honest, my consistency is what’s working for me. all social medias and networking is great but as long as I keep doing what i’m doing, it’s all going to grow. – Reyes
Whats the most important lesson you’ve learned throughout your business years?
To always keep trying new ideas. – Reyes
How many times have you failed in your business(s)?
Too many to count but way more than I actually succeeded. – Reyes
Can entrepreneurship be taught, can you get better with practice? or is it something your born with?
Entrepreneurship can be taught but you have to develop the core to become a true entrepreneur. For example I didn’t have a job until i was 20, I was LAZZZYYYY. but ever since I was little I always tried to find a way to make money so I could help my mom with the bills. – Reyes
Do you have any moments that you can remember that you realized, Like “yes!” ,”I’m in the right business”
Honestly my “Business” is teaching. when someone tells me they learned something from me and i made a small impact in their life, that confirms i’m in the right path. – Reyes
Who did you look up to growing up?
I looked up to my mother growing up. – Reyes
What advice would you give to some young aspiring entrepreneur, that has an idea but doesn’t know where to start?
To just go for it. You have nothing to lose. – Reyes
How did you go from homeless to having 10,000 subscribers?
Being homeless honestly sucked but I had alot of drive, motiviation and determination in being successful so I refused to give up. – Reyes
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